Thursday, April 27, 2017

Lost in the Clouds 4/28/17

A shadowy figure sits among 7 cups in the clouds. A cascade of psychedelic energy surrounds them. Reminiscent of the chaos that has been life lately! We are nearing the end of a month long healing cycle. What has show up from your past? What didn't go as planned? What do you have in common with these uprisings? These are character traits or emotions that had to come forward to exit your body. Once they are out, you have more room to store your greatness. All month we've seen the horizon. We know that there is a climax coming, but, when? We've got to wait for Mercury to station direct, but our eyes and our hearts will open! For now we lay with confusion. We must set the ego aside and take power over our predicament, now. We've been going through uncomfortable waters to find out what we have to do or what we need for comfort. Ease is coming, but we have to keep going. An old proverb talked about there being many paths to the top of the mountain. There is no wrong way up. The only wrong way is to run around the mountain telling others they are making the wrong choice. We are all working on different aspects of our lives, but our time to be leaders and teachers is coming. We are the teachers for the new Universe. So, let's wait for the clouds to part to ground ourselves. We must gain our strength to pave new roads.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dutiful Elegance 4/27/17

The feelings of a new horizon have overcome us, but Mercury retro (guided by our beloved Magician) ushers in some situations from our past that have to be finalized before we move on entirely. With Venus still exhalted, we should be able to overcome these musings without burning bridges. Slow and steady progress creates stronger results than sudden miracles. Our Capricorn-led card of the day wants to remind us that the Earth is super old. The time we are alive is a blink in the Earth's eye. The way we feel it's progress is very different than the Universe, and can feel slow and painstaking. With our New Moon in Aries (remember, we're not looking at Western patterns anymore), we will feel the deepness of the red from this card in our root chakra and have plenty of energy to take on these challenges. Take pride in the process occurring over the next month. Find ways to grow wiser and more humble.


Galactic Trinity New Moon 4/26/17

We have entered extra data. We are emerging into outer limits, new territories. Since Monday, we have been progressing forward in our thought processes. Our minds are expanding. This is a necessary action in order to be one Earth. In order to expand our world, it is necessary that we become a cohesive planet, with cohesive goals and equality. We must become part of the galactic community. We must enter the era of light. Monday was the 9 of Swords, the Light and Dark. We emerged into our own self darkness for understanding and unconditional love for ourselves. This must continue all month long. We have to learn to accept all aspects of ourselves because we are perfect beings. If we accept our human nature and feel through our instincts, instead of greed and consumerism, we can be truly loving to ourselves. Can you tell ourself is the key word? We are one. It's time to unite! Tuesday brought in the 10 of Swords, a next step into our own process. The 10 of Swords is the, "Hall of Distorted Mirrors." We must get out of our own heads, and move past our social anxiety. Remember that you and your peers are perfect beings. Accept people as they are, and stop wishing people would change. When you think people are horrible, think of the ways they have been corrupted. How can you help fix that? Your awakening and eye-opening mindset that people are horrible is necessary for change. Be that change you want to see. Set the example. Many years ago a quarantine was placed on our planet. No other being would have any contact with us. We were exempt from the Universe. Two years ago that quarantine was lifted, but we have yet to see contact. Why? What progress needs to be made, and how can you contribute to this love and light? The Pleiadians, Arcturians, and the Sirians are looking for pure love and unconditional light. This is our time! The New Moon ushers in the Magician. How exciting is this trend?! Nine, ten, ONE! These progressive steps are exactly what we are looking for in our personal lives, and as a collective. Our minds are beginning to unite, and we are beginning to understand that we hold each elemental force--Earth, Air, Fire, Water--in our palms. We have SO much power. What you think and wish becomes your reality (if it betters your soul. Wishing for millions of dollars only adds corruption into your life...). Now is the time to stand up for our marginalized brothers and sisters and unite as a human species.


Friday, April 21, 2017

The Triumphant Spiritual Doctor 4/22-4/23/17

As the Sun begins to distance itself from Mercury, we find ourselves tangled in miscommunication once again. Feeling constricted, we may loose a little of our ambition. Think back to other times when you felt your worst. What pulled you through? You could surround yourself in lavender or pyrite. You could dance all night! Do what makes you smile. This will be a short lived feeling. There will always be those moments in life that feel mechanical, like you're just going through the motions. With the King of Pentacles, we are asked to harness the power of the physical realm, and heal ourselves through its potent wisdom. You are a well of knowledge. Think back and move forward. You are a beacon of strength!


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Coming Full Circle 4/21/17

Last Wednesday, the Saboath Sun released a cornonal mass ejection toward Earth. This always has some powerful magnetic movement. The name of this specific CME is 'The Brave Soldier." Reread Wednesday's card, look at the picture on the card. Try to retrace your steps for this day. What were you thinking about? This was the start of a new process for you. You were given a surge of energy which added great power to your thought process. If it was just an average day for you, with no significant new ideas or thought focus, don't worry. Your time will come. There are things you must finish first. For the rest of us, this process was kicked off, and it is in full circle today. The triumphant woman on the card is looking toward a horizon only she can see. These are very personal goals that we are focused on. Behind her is Venus, who is pushing forward in exhalation as we speak, giving us extra good luck and power towards those personal goals. This card comes with major transition. Things will most likely do some overlapping for you, there is rarely a tidy change of course in life. If you need an extra coffee or tea today, get one. It's a good time to make connections and check off lists!


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Rings of Wisdom 4/20/17

Lift up the arms and stretch them as tall as you can, arch your back, and push your heart up to the sky. Take some deep breaths. Before us, a Mayan pyramid rises and assimilates with the spiral galaxy. The pyramid represents physical body and the cosmic rings are spirit. Our body is no longer at odds with our spirit. Breath deep and feel connected. Body, mind, heart, and spirit--earth, air, water, and fire all flowing together effortlessly. We may experience feeling overwhelmed, unsure, elated, and tired today. Your body is tuning itself. If you would like to speed up this process and go deeper, I recommend watching an activation on Biancatown on Youtube, or visiting her in person in Portland, Maine. She's an incredible being, and can assist your growth in her youtube or by doing some distance healing. Begin your new expansive journey today. I'll tell a short story: This began for me the other day, 4/17/17 to be exact. I had just given my home a nice deep clean, all the corners and crevices shiny and spotless. I sat on my bed and didn't know how I was feeling. I felt so strange. So, I sat there and let my body go through what it needed. It only took a couple of minutes before I felt a deep comfort and joy. It was the first time I felt like my spirit and my body were working as one in a long time. I felt like an authentic human! I've really noticed a difference in my interactions with others and my energy levels as well. It's so funny how energy fields will just hit out of nowhere! It's coming for you too.


Monday, April 17, 2017

Brave Pioneer 4/19/17

The Sun aligns with Mercury today to give us some sweet relief from the retrograde energetics. The Sun is in full combustion which will give us all a great burst of energy and send feelings of beauty, life lessons, and fickle mindedness abound. The Sun likes to shine light on the goodness of other planets and people. Today we put trust in the Sun and trust in ourselves. A month or so ago we tested the waters and tried to find comfort in places that were new to us. This is a perfect exercise to try again. The vast open plane lays before you, a burst of fireworks open up the sky to guide the way. Lesson our inner judgements and open our hearts to new surroundings and people. We can move beyond the shadows, into them, and through them.